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empty and cold
happy thoughts
why can't i feel it when you say you love me
i guess
i'm used to losing people
i'm used to betrayal
i'm used to disappointment
i'm used to dismissal

so i lost my sense of feeling
it's not that i doubt you
i just can't believe it

actions speak louder than words, they say
well for those that are quiet what do we do

and if you really love me
i hope one day i'll feel it
because all i know is pain
and i couldn't survive if
you take it back

i don't mean to be so cynical
i love you badly
and it hurts so much to think this way
i was so grateful the first time
i'd give you the world if i only knew how

am i damaged
or is this how everyone feels
why am i more lonely in love than
ever alone
i wake up and i have to choke back tears
would you fly over to hug me
if i really needed it


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